Om oss

Sweden is a country of many traditions, perhaps none as lovely as the concept of having a ‘Fika’. The word ‘Fika’ dates back many centuries to the 1700s, when coffee was introduced to Sweden and is a mixture of the letters for the Swedish word for coffee; kaffi (later kaffe). Coffee drinking became a tradition mainly at home as a social event, unlike the rest of Europe and was often served with pastries or a snack. The word Fika later evolved into a form of socializing, while enjoying a beverage, often coffee or tea and eating pastry. The Swedish tradition of Fika is spreading through Swedish people and businesses around the world. Swedish Fika is a warm, kind and lovely way of bringing people together that we are here to help spread.

We appreciate your feedback so kindly send us improvement suggestions to help us on our journey! Improvements within environments and sustainability areas, that are implemented and leads to a significant improvement, will be rewarded with a small gift.

We are continuously driving towards minimizing our environmental footprint on the planet by aiming for the highest and most environmentally friendly standards and certificates. This is a ongoing journey and so far we (including our sub suppliers) have the following certificates.

  • IFS Food (Version 6: April 2014) at Higher Level
  • IFS Food Version 6.1, November 2017
  • UTZ Chain of Custody Cocoa Standard – Better Farming, Better Future
  • Vegan Society –
  • IP Livsmedel Certified
  • FSC & Meta Recycles forever – Responsible management of packaging
  • UTZ – UTZ certified cacao enables sustainable cacao farming (part of Rainfores Alliance),

Our continuous journey will never stop – We need to continue to improve all areas from an environmental perspective. All our pastries & packages are all produced in Sweden to minimize distribution and the carbon dioxide emissions. We only use preservatives in our unbaked products such as pastries as we believe that it’s necessary to ensure the food safety.